"It’s interesting because Cosima has been the one that a lot of people have really gotten attached to. Especially the younger women have really gotten attached to Cosima. This next season, the stakes are very high for her because of her struggle with her illness. But, the most bizarre demographics come up to me. Men in their 50s come up to me and are like, “Alison is my favorite. I hated her at first, and now I love her.” I don’t know what that says about people’s psychology. But, I think everybody can relate to a different one. It’s awesome. It’s exciting for me."
—Tatiana Maslany to Collider (x)



Tatiana Maslany on PBS’ Travis Smiley TONIGHT! (x)

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I have to think that is an extreme difference between living in Canada and then spending time in Los Angeles.

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Tatiana Maslany on Conan (April 15, 2014)